I was first introduced to photography in the summer of 1995 while on a camping trip with a group of friends at a local lake. I was intrigued with a friends camera affixed to a tripod with the old screw in style shutter release cable attached. He was waiting patiently for the right moment to make an image as the sun set over the lake. I watched as he framed and focused the scene, make adjustments to the cameras settings then press the cable release and quickly wind the next piece of film into position. I thought to myself how cool is that. I quickly borrowed a SLR camera, it was an all manual model which required you to learn how to adjust the settings to make an exposure. I was immediately fascinated with the art of making images of nature. I have enjoyed every minute of my photographic journey from the days of Kodachrome through to the digital age. I have branched out through the years in my subject matter to include not only nature but family portraits, sports, music events, and most importantly photographing my twin children as they have grown. Without children I probably would never tried other styles of photography. I still consider myself a student, and I learn something new every time I photograph a scene, subject or event. I am hoping to expand my portfolio by offering my photographic services. If you find my work pleasing and would like to schedule a session or purchase an existing image, please reach out to me using the contact link on my website. Thank you for taking the time to view my work. 

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